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Teamfactory offers professionally targeted corporate courses within Human resource development and teambuilding, rewarding presentations, corporate entertainment and events.

So no matter if you need to develop your human capital through corporate teambuilding or educations in Aarhus, Copenhagen or Fyn - We operate all over Denmark, on a location of your choice. 

With a proficient and professional approach to your ideas, combined with a precise coordination and clarification of needs we are able to deliver a great course or event 

Teamfactory is a network based company. Fascilitated by a qualified team of professionals and skilled collaborators we are able to deliver high quality activities and outcome every time.




Human capital that makes a difference...

It is important to us that our work generates a great experience and targeted human development in your company.

To ensure great results every time our approach is based on our special strategy that gives you a guarantee for a high quality experience for your company. 

Objective - Context - Strategy - Motivation - Anchoring


In every course it is of greatest importance that a development in the right direction is generated.

We base every course on the objectives made in collaboration with you. this is how we ensure that your objectives is fulfilled.


We believe that development is made by empathy and insight.

This is why we customize every course exactly for the context of your organization and the people working in it.




Based on Objective and Context we create a strategy for your course

Development and teambuilding exercises are always chosen to provide you with a situation of cooperative learning which is based on the participants' observations and experiences. 


Change only happens when participants are motivated and we make sure every person involved in our courses are motivated for development. 


Sustainable changes are not made in days or weeks. But we can create human relations, reflections and food for thoughts that influences you in the right direction.

Anchoring the experience is of high priority and we will guide you in following up on your course.



Customized human ressource development

Choose your conceptgroup below - catalogues is in danish. GB version coming up

Team building

2-8 hours/6-40 pers.
Focused on:
Activities composed to provide a great experience with cooperation in teams and across the organization.


Team development

from 4 hours/6-20 pers.
Focused on:
Longer courses which will provide you with effective development, stronger teams and high yield


Corporate event


Dot -personalesport  Corporate event (online)


1-5 hours/20-200+ pers.
Focused on:


Fun experiences and strong relations are the yield made through battles and competitions. We will create an atmosphere of smiles and cosiness

Katalog Personaleevent

Active meetings


Dot -Aktive -møder   Active Meetings (online)


1-3 hours/6-200 pers.


Focused on:





With our program for a motivating and involving meetings, we will provide an incresed yield on your conference and meeting

Katalog aktive møder


Teambuilding in Silkeborg, events in Aalborg or development in Odense...

Whatever the task. our objective is always satisfied clients on their way ahead

Jysk Rejsebureau

Niels Amstrup
Commercial Manager

Hent flere referencer (PDF)

"Our event was a great experience for all attenders.

Everything was meticulously planned and Teamfactory was precise in detecting our wishes (translated)

Bornehuset Ans

Annette Frederiksen
Institution manager

Hent flere referencer (PDF)

"I am highly satisfied with the course

Everybody was very excited and the atmosphere in our section is peaking, I am convinced that this will have an impact on the future" (translated)

"We are extremely satisfied with the courses Teamfactory delivers!

their courses have highly contibuted to qualify our training courses"



Thomas Lyhne

Hent flere referencer (PDF)

"An event like this deserves the best praise

Well planned and everybody enjoyed attending 


Mash steakhouse

Dorte Witting
HR Manager

Hent flere referencer (PDF)

"It was great fun and a very good learning experience

The variety of exercises where good and challenging with many aspects. the knowledge we learned about each other is used daily (translated) 

Human capital in development

et skridt i den rigtige retning... V.I.P.
Kommunikation Kreativitet Konstruktion - PIPELINE
Top personaleudvikling med personprofiler TEAM-UP
eventyrlig motion ADVENTURE CHALLENGE
Et samarbejde som skaber succesoplevelser V.I.P.
et tempofyldt boost til motivationen - FACTORY RACE
Strategiske udfordringer og taktiske overvejelser THE FIRM

Development begins with dialogue

We are looking forward to hear from you.

We would love to advice and inspire you on how to develop your human capital.

Our courses and events can be held indoor as well as outdoor all over the country


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